An eye with a squint may become unable to see clearly. This weak eye is called a lazy eye. Lazy eye can only be cured if detected and treated early. The earlier the treatment, the better the results. 

A person with a squint can only use one eye at a time. A person with two good eyes will be able to judge distances and depth more accurately than one with a squint. This may affect the choice of your child’s future career and sports. A squint may also affect the appearance and self-confidence of your child. Hence it is sometimes desirable to operate on the child’s squint at an early age. Last, but not least, an eye with a squint may have other conditions which need treatment. 

For all these reasons, any infant or child with a squint should be examined by an eye specialist.

A squint is a common condition affecting young children that may affect their sight, appearance and confidence if not detected and treated early. Every young child should have his eyes checked regularly. The treatment of squint is safe and effective but needs the full cooperation of parents

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